Anonymous asked:

girl you get it. my ride or die otp is dean/his open acceptance of being queer.

deancasheadcanons answered:

yaaaaaaas anon YAAAAAAAAAAS 

  • sam rolling his eyes when dean blatantly checks out dudes
  • dean casually mentioning gay porn
  • dean calling charlie like, “i need one of my own people to talk to right now, sam is too straight.”
  • (totally not dead) kevin asking dean confused questions and dean talking him through a sexual identity crisis
  • sam chatting it up with dean’s one-night stands in the bunker the next morning as if they’re old hunting buddies
  • dean flirting with men on cases oh wait this one’s canon never mind
  • monsters trying to make dean uncomfortable with their sexual advances and dean just rolls his eyes and is like, “i mean, fuck me if you’re gonna fuck me, but enough with this teasing.”
  • sam beating up other hunters when they make homophobic comments meanwhile dean’s sitting back laughing and trying to convince sam that nothing they say will make sucking dicks any less awesome so it’s really not worth the effort

Worst Fear About the Supernatural Musical Episode






Someone’s going to sing that godawful Celine Dion song.


And we don’t have Balthazar to fix it any more so this quite possibly could happen.

This. This is how Balthy comes back.

Headcannon accepted

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