i keep reading all these headcanons about human!impala (dark-haired dude with green eyes, vixen in long black dress, etc.) and not one of them sticks because all i can image is a big, muscly black guy in his late 30s dressed head-to-toe in black leather that refuses to be called anything but ‘Baby’ by an alarmed yet aroused dean winchester




"Only people waiting alone at a crowded restaurant so why don’t we sit together/ accidental first date" AU

Dean scowls at his phone.

45 minutes. 45 goddamn minutes waiting at an Olive Garden and his date decides to cancel on him by text.

For once, he’d actually been excited about going on a date. The girl from the coffee shop, Bela, was hot and smart. Apparently though, she thought it was acceptable to cancel a date, 30 minutes late, with an enigmatic text that only read can’t make it tonight.

Dean sighs and looks down at the pager in his hands. Maybe he can pass it off to someone else and decrease their wait; it’ll be his good deed for the month. He glances around the doorway where groups of different sizes are gathered. Friday night and of course the restaurant is packed. He doesn’t see any party or group smaller than four people, none of which could take his spot for two.

He notices a single man sitting on the bench across from him. He seems oblivious to the noise around him, deeply concentrated on the book (an actual ink-and-paper-book) he’s reading. Dean sees that it’s “A Feast for Crows” and smiles to himself, knowing what the man has coming before the end.

“Uh, hey,” Dean says. The man doesn’t notice that Dean is speaking to him, “uh ,Sir?” Dean speaks up over the noise of the hallway. The man raises his head and looks at Dean, who is caught off-guard by the disarming blue-eyed stare.

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Hold my fucking hand, loser. We’re using the buddy system for the rest of our lives.